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Reviewing Past Work

In preparation for a presentation to Watercolor West on Saturday October 25th, I have been going through my past work and have found the process so enlightening that I recommend it to everyone. For one thing it is like visiting old, cherished friends with whom you can easily pick up where you left off. I am transported to past moments of intensity and happiness as I painted them. I am able to see them for what they are more objectively and, as in the case of family members,  the passing of time has enabled me to more easily forgive their shortcomings. I can also trace the artistic journey I have taken, shaped by opportunities to learn from admired artists I chanced across, exciting discoveries in art books and museum shows,and thegrowth of my own aesthetics. I intend to share the results of this trip down memory lane as the subject of my presentation on Saturday. i invite you to join me.


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Update for October 3rd from Upstate New York


Overcast, gray, rainy. Then the sun broke out and the world is full of color again! Fall color is begininng to show. It gives me a good idea for a painting which will be predominantly muted cool color with bright jewels of warm color.

I’ve working all day on the order of my slides for the presentation for Watercolor West on October 25th. What fun to retrace the various phases of my artistic journey. Hopefully others will also find it entertaining and instuctive.

Blogging is  a blast!

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